Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hello, World.

I suppose that your most pressing question has to be, "why do I give a shit what some 27 year old fuck has to say?" I'm not famous, I don't have any special talents, I'm not an expert – even of amateur status – on any noteworthy subject matter, my writing style is bland and overtly crude at times, and I don't find myself particularly interesting.

At least one person gives a shit though – me. Ego is a bitch. The monumental task of extracting the chemical reactions that translate into thoughts and ideas from my mind to readable text is an exhilarating – albeit difficult and impossible to complete – notion.

If someone else wants to read – or is coerced to (though I can't imagine by what means this would happen) this, then so be it. Still, the primary audience for this (the blog) is me, myself and I – and also for anyone who speaks about me when I'm dead. The thought of people misrepresenting what I am and what I stood for – even when I'm fucking dead – is troubling.

So here we go; I'll record as much as I can.

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